Wyoming is the 6th largest state, but the least populated.  Despite our small numbers and the truthful joke that there are more antelope than people in Wyoming, we natives are fiercely proud of this unique region and our heritage.  I grew up in the Tetons, but my Gran and Grandad, Vivian Call & Floyd Bagley, came from Star Valley, Wyoming, one county to the south.  After graduating from high school in 1930, Vivian went off to the “big city” of Logan, Utah for school at Utah State University while Floyd stayed in the cowboy state and attended school in Laramie at University of Wyoming.   They kept correspondence during their their time apart and my song Worth the Dime is based on the letters Floyd wrote to Vivian.

Floyd at the University of Wyoming
Vivan at Utah State


As you can gather from the tone of the song Floyd was awful miserable in Laramie without Vivian, while she was enjoying herself immensely in the social life of school.  As her letters became further and further apart, he began to wonder whether she no longer felt he was worth the dime it cost for a stamp.

Fortunately, despite the distractions of high society and other men, once back at home in Wyoming, Vivian couldn’t resist Floyd’s charms, “He reminded me that year of a young colt–handsome, arrogant, untamed, flirting with every filly in the field, and then waiting for this filly to return from the far pasture.”  He had previously told her, “I have built a lot of dream houses, but I have always had the same girl in them.”  They were married in May of 1934 and those dream houses became real houses.  He eventually built her one final house in Alta Wyoming where his youngest daughter, my mother, came home to visit her parents after her first year of college, and met my father.  She too had enjoyed plays,parties, and popularity at college, but in the end, chose the Wyoming farm boy who would give her a good life and a fine place to raise the 5th generation of Wyoming natives, including myself.

Floyd & Vivian 1934