My sweet Grandmother, Sharol Joy Duffin Wilson, passed away on Christmas Day at 89 years young.   She had shared time with each of her ten children throughout the day, and had my grandpa at her side throughout.

She was such an example of prioritizing family and education, and making her proud was my constant goal.  I will miss her sweet kisses, the challenging games of Rook, her warm house, her soft, shaking hands, the twinkle in her eye, her wit, and the evident love she shared with my grandpa.  They used to sing, “Let me Call You Sweetheart” to each other and had a tender, doting love cultured through 66 years together.

She lived up to her name’s meaning to “share all joy” and leaves behind a legacy of 10 children, 48 grandchildren, 68 great grandchildren, including me, her “Missy” who will miss her so much.