I’m just a simple musician.  I write songs and then rely heavily on more talented musicians to make me sound better than I can alone.  Since moving to Utah four years ago (has it really been that long??) I have yet to find a group of musicians to replace my Teton Valley crew.  I’ve decided what I really need right now is my own, personal David Rawlings.

For those of you not familiar with Mr. Rawlings (shame on you!) he is the other half of the amazing Gillian Welch who creates harmonies and plays the guitar like you only wish you could.  I have loved David & Gillian for years and had the privelege of seeing the duo live last fall.  No makeup or fancy hairdos, no costume changes, no frills, no fancy lights, just honest to goodness music for the folk and bluegrass lover.   While Gillian wails intricate lyrics, David is floating over his guitar strings like magic and matching her haunting tunes with a harmony that is sometimes hard to tell is a separate voice.   You see why I need my very own David Rawlings?

Trying to convice David to head west might be difficult, but he does sing about the “Latter-Day Saints” on the new Harrow and the Harvest album so maybe he’s been thinking about making the move to Utah!   The song, The Way it Will Be, is a rare example of David and Gillian both singing the melody together.  Check out the live version:

I’ll keep dreaming of David, meanwhile, if you live in the Salt Lake area and think you can fill David’s boots in my band, let me know!