I come from Wilsons and Bagleys–both hardy Wyoming stock, rich in heritage, immense loyalty, and perhaps an unseemly amount of family pride. Memorial Day has always been a great tradition to gather and honor those who have gone before and our brave servicemen.  I’m grateful for a legacy of ancestors whose dedication to hard work has helped make possible the life I live today.  I’m also grateful for those like my Grandpa Wilson and his brothers, my father-in law Bob Davis, and others who gave their time in the military to help maintain our freedoms as well as fight for others who are not so fortunate.

I spent the weekend with the Wilson half of my relatives in Teton Valley, Wyoming listening to stories of ancestors old and not so old who we commemorate at this time.  I then traveled home via Star Valley, Wyoming to visit the graveside of my Bagley grandparents, Floyd and Vivian.   I wrote the song Worth the Dime about their endearing courtship and my daughter Vivian is named after my Gran.