Merissa’s first album, Trading Dreams, was well received with songs of family, love, heartbreak, open spaces, and the great state of Wyoming.  In the title cut, Merissa croons of a willingness to trade the dream life she was living for the dream of love.  Although she claims her many wishful writings haven’t ever come to fruition in the past, in this case they did.  A few months after the song was written, her future husband saw her performing.  They met soon after, and after too much time battling snow storms to see each long distance, she willingly left her dream life in the Tetons behind, for her dream life with him in the shadow of the Wasatch, where he, their children, and the mountains continue to be her muse.

Merissa is currently focused on her “day job” as a wildlife biologist, raising her two small children, and getting out into the mountains with any of the time leftover.  Although her music has taken a backseat for the time being, she is still writing new songs and looks forward to recording a second album in the future.  “Music will always be a part of soul and there is always a new song brewing in my head.”

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