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Memorial Day

Memorial Day

I come from Wilsons and Bagleys–both hardy Wyoming stock, rich in heritage, immense loyalty, and perhaps an unseemly amount of family pride. Memorial Day has always been a great tradition to gather and honor those who have gone before and our brave servicemen.  I’m grateful for a legacy of ancestors whose dedication to hard work has helped...
There's Only Here, There's Only Now

There’s Only Here, There’s Only Now

  Headed to the south end of the state for work a couple of weeks ago which meant a nice 4+ hour drive both ways.  That much alone time is a rare but treasured occurrence that gives me lots of time to listen to whatever I want and think. Been loving The Lowest Pair lately, with these two favorites...
We could do more than survive

We could do more than survive

Tell me who I’m not And maybe I’ll become who I should be… Let’s light this house on fire
There ain't no shame in lying down in the bed you made

There ain’t no shame in lying down in the bed you made

Because some songs are just beautiful and need to be shared. Hard to beat Brandi
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